Our Mission

Our goal is to help "turn-around" 41 -low-income communities through the work and the dedication of students.

Global Deeds is devoted to systemically disrupting the cycle of poverty by assisting public schools, nonprofits, and corporations in empowering disadvantaged youth through innovative education and employment.


Learn how we provide innovative quality education and resources to disadvantaged students. 


Employment and the creation of generational wealth are key components of the process of breaking through the poverty trap. Learn how we do it.

Global Deeds


We create customized support systems that enable high school students, education fellows, and teachers to reach their potential as technically savvy, emotionally intelligent, financially stable, and socially-conscious citizens.

With our collaborative network of corporate sponsors and advocates within 41 cities, we will cultivate enthusiasm in the next generation and ultimately reduce poverty rates in the Global Deeds community and beyond.

What Makes Us Different


The tangible and clear vision of our impact and the core values that drive our work



Embrace Self-sufficiency

The first system that we work on is the human mind. We teach students how to lead their lives without having to wait for the change in others, as they become the change themselves.


We have formulas for massive impactful improvement, and we are using our bold approach to transform education systems and the workforce world-wide



We use the power of stories to bring about ideas and motivation for growth in our future leaders, students.



We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and use it as a fundamental tool for resolving extremely complex problems, all the while being resourceful. We show respect towards all kinds of public contributions



We work relentlessly towards achieving systemic change locally and globally using the latest innovative ideas


We are a large team of individuals who are devoted to investing our entire lives in this collective mission of achieving equity, justice, and real progress within education and in the workforce


Join the Cause


Global Deeds is a volunteer-based organization, initially developed by students in support of students, and we take pride in our minimalistic and resourceful way of operating.

We are fortunate to have worked with a series of volunteers over the years and hundreds of supporters. We have received volunteer support from other nonprofits, government agencies, and private companies. If you would like to volunteer with us, please send us an email to: info@globaldeeds.org

People Behind the Cause


Global Deeds is devoted to disrupting the cycle of poverty by assisting schools, teachers and corporations in the process of empowering low-income youth through modern education and employment.

Steven Cummings

Advisory Board Member

Katherine Montero

Educator /CEO /Founder

John Giaquinto


Ayelet Baron

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Paul Kasirye

Executive Board Member

Thank you for your invaluable support!


Frequently Asked Questions


Global Deeds Foundation is a public charitable organization, which was registered in 2005 in the state of Massachusetts and became a 501 (c)(3) in 2008. The name “Global Deeds” is what is used to identify the entire “hybrid” organization (social enterprise). We work to empower youth living in poverty and our support entails assisting schools and teachers by implementing modern curricula through Global Deeds Foundation and employment (and other kinds of opportunities) through Global Deeds, Inc.
We are operating using temporary meeting sites located in Salem, Lawrence and Boston, MA, Miami, FL and New York, NY. Our programs take place within the public schools we collaborate with and our headquarters office is in Boston.
Please go to the “Get Involved” tab of the home page for more information.
There is a nomination system that is managed by teachers and administrators within public schools and in collaboration with other NGOs. If you are a student who wishes to get nominated, please visit your guidance counselor’s office and discuss the possibility of a nomination with your guidance counselor or a teacher.